Xplane.us is a data think tank focused on the significant opportunity that social data represents as a business and cultural intelligence source. With researchers from the University of Ottawa, Xplane.us develops algorithms for extracting insight from huge sets of social data.

Xplane.us builds statistically valid data sets that are representative along nine specification metrics.

Our data sets are useful in many areas, and this webpage will feature articles on insights our data provides in Market Research, Politics, Social Sciences, and Pop Culture.

Xplane.us data sets can be used both to understand and predict, based on your goals and objectives.

Xplane.us is directed by Dr. Kenton White, an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa.

We would like to acknowledge the support of our research partners – The Ontario Centres for Excellence, National Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the Industrial Research Assistance Program, and the University of Ottawa.

Write an Article Using Our Data or Make a Suggestion

If you would like a data set from which to write a paper or article, or you have a research idea on how we might use social data on an interesting problem, or a suggestion for an article, please contact us at info@xplane.us.


General info@xplane.us

Media media@xplane.us

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